COVID-19 Update

During the NZ CovCOVIDid-19 Stage 4 period Ecogrape will continue to operate providing essential services and support. Our service is delivered under safe practice, protection and minimum physical contact protocol in line with MPI rules and guidelines. We remain available for consulting online, via email and over the phone. Video meetings are also available by arrangement.

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EcoGrape : Sustain-Ability

Andreas Welte
PO Box 26, Nelson, 7040 New Zealand

Phone +64 3 548 9845

Sustain-Ability/EcoGrape is the trading name of Homeopathic Farm Limited


Comments or questions are welcome.

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Plant HomeopathyPlant Homeopathy

Plant Homeopathy

Based on classical homeopathic principles, we offer advice on homeopathic treatment

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Soil Cultivation, ESTA Tests, Spade Machine CultivatorSoil Cultivation, ESTA Tests, Spade Machine Cultivator

Soil Cultivation

ESTA Soil Tests and analysis and Soil Management using the Spade Machine.

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