Biological restorative with plant health promoting effects in pip fruit, stone fruit and grape. Improves uptake of nutrients and increases the biological soil activity.

Hardens the epidermis and cuticula of the canopy.

Induces resistance to powdery mildew and black spot.

Contains sulphur, sulphuric clay minerals, deactivated yeast components, extracts from equisetum (horsetail), organic wetting and sticking components

MYCO-SAN can be used together with Bacillus Thuringiensis, Not with copper or any alkaline substance.



Apply at 0.8-1.0% rate of high water volume according to canopy hectarage.
Use from bud burst until harvest at 10-14 day intervals; always use before rain; reapply >50mm/24 h.
Myco-San can be used in alteration with Myco-Sin.

MYCO-SAN in 1% hydrous solution has pH 3.8

Pack size

10 kg


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