Equisetum Plus

EP is a biochemical SiO2 plant health promoter

EP is a biochemical SiO2 plant health promoter and a biostimulant. High in silicon dioxide 90% – affinity for absorbing and transmitting light Silica absorbs and activates light in the foliage and beneath the soil surface, it influences plant life by reducing the length of stems and internodes EP promotes plant health by hardening leaf tissue + grape skin and is proactive to plant quality; extra root growth activates and oxidizes soil nutrients at lower depth and works in conjunction with the soil micro fauna and –flora.

The so called ‘terroir effect’ on the vine, grape and wine make it taste unique and allow the artisan to apply a distinct character.


ANTIVIGOUR- it magnifies the root growth


Application Rate:

Apply 4-6 l/ha


Pack Size:

$80/5 litres

BioGro certified #433

Click to download the equisetum.pdf

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