Farm homeopathy


Based on classical homeopathic principles, we offer advice on homeopathic treatment of Beef, Dairy Cattle, Deer, Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Dogs and Cats.

It is hoped that the caring farmer will do all to optimise the conditions in which the stock is kept.


The main criteria for selecting farm animals are based on production, not animal health.
When a farm is converted to Organics, the farmer has to shift the mindset from farming for the vat to farming for the immune system and health. This can be achieved through management changes. Production needs to be looked at with reference to animal health.

To support the farmer during this shift two tools can be engaged: nutritional supplements which balance nutritional deficiencies and homeopathic remedies which can treat most conditions that are encountered. Homeopathic remedies can be used to treat the whole herd preventively or to treat individual animals with acute or chronic symptoms.

Homeopathy looks on symptoms as the body’s effort to rebalance itself. In this healing method a very small amount of a substance, which could cause the symptoms that need to be healed, is given to the animal to aid it to heal itself. Homeopathy is a safe way of healing without side effects, addictions, withholding periods or residues, and is a comparatively inexpensive method.

You give us a clear description of the disease and symptoms you notice, and we shall try to find the correct remedy and potency for an adequate treatment.

We are using various Materia Medica and Repertories (Kent, Mac Leod, Day, Wolter) and can share some experience gained over 19 years, in favour of your animals.

We discuss management factors which prevent certain disease such as Mastitis in cows, and we have tonics which help with flystrike and make animals cope with lice.

We also offer tonic essences which are characteristically made up to help the animal to overcome a disease.
The basic ingredients of the essences are 4-5 homeopathic remedies which alter the condition/atmosphere of the intestine in order to flush the egg, larvae or worm burden, and help to improve the general animal health condition. These remedies do not kill the harmful eggs, larvae and worms and do not affect the useful intestine flora, but cleanse and rinse the animals intestinal organs.
At the same time the remedies restore a balance in eating, digestion and absorption of feed energy. This will help the animals in gaining weight and regaining an energetic performance.

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Plant HomeopathyPlant Homeopathy

Plant Homeopathy

Based on classical homeopathic principles, we offer advice on homeopathic treatment

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