OICOMB (Oil combination) – plant health promoter

Oicomb is a plant health promoter and a restorative which promotes plant health through nutrition in pip fruit, grape, berry fruit, vegetable and ornamentals.

It contains Fennel oil (component A) and herbal sodium silicate Equisetum Plus (component B).

Oicomb manages plants in an agricultural context by increasing nutrient uptake due to the fennel oil stimulating the plant metabolism and increasing numbers and activity of soil bacteria and fungi, fennel also has a drying quality.

As a consequence the healthy plants are more likely to withstand pests and diseases.
The silica component is hardening the epidermis of treated crops.


Application rate

2.5 litres each of component A+B per canopy Ha at a H2O volume of 600-1000 litres.

Oicomb may be mixed with copper and Bacillus thuringiensis but not with sulphur.
Wear goggles and skin protection while applying (caustic!)

No transport hazards are known.

All formulation materials are registered according to EEC standards 2092/91.


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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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