OICOMB (Oil combination) – plant health promoter

OICOMB is a biostimulant through nutrition in pip-and stone fruit, grape, berry fruit, vegetable and ornamentals. Oidium and Botrytis are the main targets.

Detailed information

OICOMB contains sweet fennel oil-foeniculum- (component A) which stimulates the plant metabolism and increases the number and the activity of soil bacteria and fungi, fennel oil also has a drying quality on leaves. Fennel oil is a secondary plant product well known for plant biology stimulant qualities.

Equisetum silica (component B) is hardening the epidermis of treated plants.

This is a botanical soft form of sodium silicate readily absorbed by the foliage and bunches of the grape vine.

Both components are bio stimulants used to supply and maintain the uptake of nutrients to improve plant health.

Apply at a 0.25% rate at 400-600 litre H2O

OICOMB mix with copper and Bacillus Thuringiensis, not with sulphur


Application rate

2.5 litres each of component A+B per canopy Ha at a H2O volume of 600-1000 litres.

Oicomb may be mixed with copper and Bacillus thuringiensis but not with sulphur.
Wear goggles and skin protection while applying (caustic!)

No transport hazards are known.

All formulation materials are registered according to EEC standards 2092/91.


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