Organo-N Vinasse – liquid plant health and growth promoter, and post-harvest sanitiser

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Organo-N vinasse is a liquid plant health promoter nourishing crops with plant based fertiliser of processed sugar beet.

5% N and 5.5% K2O are readily available as foliar or soil nutrients.
Carbohydrates of the Vinasse feed bacterial soil life.

All season product. Start after fruit set for fruit size and quality.
Post harvest on autumn foliage the potassium supports leaf litter decay and sanitizes carry-over of pathogenic infection material.
Some of the nitrogen is stored for next season.

The agricultural compound promotes plant productivity.
Treated crops show increased nutrient uptake.



Appy 3-4 kg / canopy Ha with 500-700 litres H2O
Or 3-4 kg / ground Ha with adequate H2O via fertigation drip line

Pack Size

10 Litres

BioGro certified #433.

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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