NeemAzal – T/S versus Neem Oil, A comparison

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NeemAzal – T/S Neem Oil (Various Brands)
Premium botanical insecticide Basic oil with little insecticidal qualities
2nd generation formulation Beginners standard
High efficacy Low efficacy
Proven control of problem insects masking tape with low repellent effect
High active ingredient content low active ingredient content
10,000 ppm Azadirachtin A no exact data
40,000 ppm active ingredient complex no exact data
premium quality of original neem plant no exact data
guarantee of below threshold aflatoxin no data
active ingredients extracted by watery distillation extraction via addition of toxic solvents
no toxic residues toxic solvent residues
no negative effects on beneficial insects likely toxic side effects on beneficial
ACVM registered mostly labelled for home garden market
BioGro NZ certified avoiding scrutiny of certification
zero use of non-renewable products in formula no data
zero carbon footprint no data
high value for money low value for low cost
Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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Eco-friendly agro inputsEco-friendly agro inputs

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