Set of 30 remedies for plant homeopathy in brown artificial leather case (Maute)


Selection of the 30 most commonly used remedies

Homeopathic preparations for plants and soil only

Aconitum C 200
Arnica C 200
Arsenicum album C 200
Belladonna C 200
Calcium carbonicum D 6
Calendula C 30
Cantharis C 30
Carbo vegetabilis C 30
Carcinosinum C 30
Causticum C 30
China C 200
Cimicifuga C 30
Cuprum C 30
Helix tosta D 6
Ignatia C 30
Magnesium phosphoricum D 6
Natrium sulphuricum C 30
Nux vomica C 30
Petroleum C 30
Phosphor C 200
Psorinum C 200
Psorinum C 1000
Pulsatilla C 30
Rhus toxicodendron C 30
Rhus toxicodendron C 200
Silicea C 200
Staphisagria C 200
Sulphur C 200
Thuja C 30
Thuja C 200


Also available: Homeopathy for Plants By Christiane Maute


Plant HomeopathyPlant Homeopathy

Plant Homeopathy

Based on classical homeopathic principles, we offer advice on homeopathic treatment

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