SM 6 Organic seaweed extract

This top grade liquid seaweed extract product which is BioGro certified under licence number 479, contains more than 60 nutrients, trace elements, chelating agents, vitamins and natural plant growth stimulants such as Glycine betaine, which has been shown to be especially active as a stimulant and as an “anti stress” agent helping the plants make better use of available water and nutrients. Together these active components prove to have a beneficial influence on:

  • Cell division
  • Protein and carbohydrate synthesis
  • Nutrient uptake from the soil
  • Utilisation of applied fertiliser
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • Use of available water and moisture
  • Chlorophyll production and photosynthesis
  • Yields and crop quality / shelf life
  • Financial returns

SM 6 Organic seaweed extracts derive from the high quality seaweed variety Ascophyllum nodosum and other seaweeds. SM 6 Organic is produced by using an aqueous extraction process without any chemical extraction and contains more than 40% soluble solids. After an application of SM 6 Organic the extracts stimulate the proliferation of microorganisms which in return release nutrients like phosphorus, manganese, potassium, zinc etc. Plants sprayed with SM 6 Organic exude extra root secretions which are utilised by mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria to unlock nutrients otherwise not plant available.

Directions for use

Dilute at rates from 1 in 40 to 1 in 200. Agitated well and diluted at the appropriate rate, SM 6 Organic can be mixed with most liquid organic and chemical fertilisers and sprays.

Application rates

1.4 litres/hectare for cereals, pasture
1.5 litres/hectare for vegetables, fruit, grape
2.5 litres/hectare for potatoes
1.2 litres/hectare for cutflowers, ornamentals in 2-3 split applications beginning petalfall or 4 leaf stage. For transplants use 1:200 solution for root dipping prior to planting.

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